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Our Mission

- We are a coalition of health professionals and students.


- We are non-partisan.


- We are committed to helping our peers and patients register to vote and vote safely this November.


If Voting is a Sign of a Healthy Democracy, We Need an Intervention


Votes Cast as a % of
Voting-Age Population,

by Country

Only 55.7% of the voting age population cast ballots in the last presidential election, putting the United States among the lowest of OECD countries.



Historically, doctors have voted less than the general population

Historically, doctors tend to vote less often than the general population, both in congressional elections and in presidential elections. 




Probability of Voting

for physicians

from 1996 - 2002


Probability of Voting

for general population
1996 - 2002

Systemic Oppression Makes it Harder

for Some Populations to Vote

Just as poverty and systemic racism adversely impact the health of our patients, they also impact their ability to vote on the people and policies that shape vital determinants of health.



Votes Cast as a % of
Voting-Age Population,

by Income

VoteHealth in the News

We are a movement! VoteHealth 2020 has been featured on several platforms, here's some of them: 



Dr. Safo and Dr. Loehrer discuss the connection between civic engagement and health outcomes in this podcast with Mount Sinai Health Partners.

Dr. Sharma and Shalini Pammal discuss the origins, actions, and initiatives of VoteHealth 2020 with Healio.

Check out VoteHealth 2020's Dr. Stella Safo on Explore the Space, with VoteHealth 2020 Champion, Dr Mark Shapiro.

Dr. Stella Safo joins Dr. Nii Darko of Docs Outside the Box to discuss the

importance of voting within Black communities this election season.

Drs Manisha Sharma and Stella Safo joined AMA's daily discussion of COVID-19 to talk about the importance of getting out to vote, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Dr. Stella Safo was featured on the Well Rounded Med Podcast featuring how residents can help get their patients and peers to vote safely.

Dr. Saranya Loehrer and medical student leaders featured on NPR for their efforts

to get out the vote (safely) this election season in Florida.

VoteHealth 2020 Founder, Saranya Loehrer, was privileged to participate in Shared Harvest Fund and myCovidMD's Fireside Chat on October 9th.

VoteHealth 2020 Founder, Saranya Loehrer, was thrilled to join AMSA's "The Physician as Voter" panel on October 7th.

VoteHealth 2020 Founder, Saranya Loehrer, was pleased to join Public Health Awakened, Doctors for America, and Seven Directions to discuss opportunities for health professionals to mobilize communities around civic engagement.


Dr. Manisha Sharma discusses VoteHealth 2020 and its importance in giving people an opportunity to participate in civic engagement with Univision News.

VoteHealth 2020's Dr. Manisha Sharma discusses the VoteHealth 2020 movement on NBC News.


Medical students Yumiko Nakamura and Vishnu Muppala discuss a clinic-led voter registration project in the Bronx and their thoughts on physician-led activism on


Medical students Yumiko Nakamura, Vishnu Muppala, and Olgert Bardhi discuss disparities in communities such as Alachua County, Florida, and how voting can reverse that disparity on The Gainesville Sun.


VoteHealth 2020 Champion Dr. Ankita Sagar explores her reasons for voting in this inspiring piece on


VoteHealth 2020 Co-Founder Dr. Manisha Sharma explores the legality and importance of movements such as VoteHealth 2020 with the AMA.


Dr Manisha Sharma explores how to vote safely this election season on Very Well Health.

VoteHealth 2020 Founder Dr. Saranya Loehrer, Medical Student Leaders Yumiko Nakamura and Vishnu Muppala, and our partners at Patient Voting were featured in this Florida NPR segment highlighting how doctors are helping to get out the vote.


VoteHealth 2020’s own Drs. Kelly Wong and Manisha Sharma are featured in this BMJ piece on the evolving role of clinicians in voting and civic engagement.



VoteHealth 2020 hosted a panel featuring some of our advisors and champions, who discussed how health care providers can promote civic engagement and help patients register to vote.

Dr. Manisha Sharma discusses the ways in which COVID-19 may uniquely impact the traditional voting process, precautions for in-person voting and the importance of the voting process for minoritized and marginalized communities with a panel of fellow health care leaders.

VoteHealth and You!

Check out how everyday health practitioners are using VoteHealth 2020’s materials.

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