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The VoteHealth 2020 movement is inspired by our team, advisors, champions, partners and volunteers. Since our start in summer 2020, we’ve led targeted initiatives to get out the vote (GOTV) in innovative ways. Check out a few of these initiatives below and contact us  if you’d like to start a GOTV project.


Register Prepare  Vote 

We are excited to finish the 2020 election season with materials to help clinicians encourage their patients, peers and communities to register to vote.

Share our Ballot Graphic with patients to help them check that they have completed the steps to vote and vote safely. Click to download this graphic in a square for digital sharing or an 8.5x11 format for print.


Share the Prepare Graphic to help patients review their voting plan (absentee, early, on Nov 3rd) and what materials to bring to vote in person. Click to download this graphic in a square for digital sharing or an 8.5x11 format for print.


Finally, share the Vote Graphic to help patients vote and to then encourage them to galvanize others to vote. Click to download this graphic in a square for digital sharing or an 8.5x11 format for print.


Morning Report 


Our Morning Report Initiative features well known VoteHealth 2020 leaders who will join any health care providers’ meetings, such as grand rounds, morning reports, noon conferences, huddles, etc. These leaders include Dr. Mark Shapiro of the Explore the Space podcast, Dr. Ankita Sagar of Northwell Health and other VoteHealth 2020 champions/leads.


We know how busy clinical work can be, so we’re keeping our presentations short and to the point. In only 3-5 minutes, we will share how you can each get out to vote despite busy clinical workloads, and offer ways to get your patients and peers to vote safely this election season.


Take a look at our Morning Report slides  (and below) and get in touch at  to schedule yours today.

Click Here to Download the File

We’ve had the pleasure of joining colleagues at University of Arizona, Banner Health,   University of Washington, Northwell, and many more sites.

Check out some of the feedback on our Morning Report Initiative:

Too busy to have us join? No problem, just include this slide into any of your presentations and make sure your audience uses the QR code to get registered, check their registration status, or request an absentee ballot. 

voteHealthQR Codes.png
Morning Report

Social Media Outreach

womxnVote100 (2).png

On August 26, 2020, VoteHealth 2020 launched a social media campaign to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Our Womxn 100 x VoteHealth 2020 campaign made over 1 million impressions on various social media platforms, showing the power of our various networks and of reach of the VoteHealth 2020 message.

Check out a few of the incredible supporters of this outreach!

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