Help your peers, patients, and networks make a safe voting plan,
by using and sharing , or scroll down

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Social Media

Here are sample posts, graphics, tweets, etc. so you can use
your digital space to remind others to vote. 

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Sample Post:

I’m a [fill in role] at [fill in location] and I pledge to #VoteHealth2020 by helping as many people as possible register to vote and vote safely in 2020.


[Say more about why this matters to you as a health professional]


Join me in pledging to #VoteHealth2020 by registering to vote and/or requesting an absentee ballot!

Check if you're Registered:

Register to Vote:            

Get an Absentee Ballot:            


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Sample Tweets:

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twitter (5).png


Did you know that one of the best ways to protect the health and well-being of your loved ones is to vote?

I pledge to VoteHealth in 2020, will you? Register at and RT!

VOTEHEALTH true transparent.png


twitter (5).png

As a [fill in role], I pledge​ to #VoteHealth2020 in the upcoming election. 

Join me by regisitering to vote at, RT, and tag 5 friends!

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twitter (5).png


I've taken the pledge to vote in 2020.
Have you?


Check Registration:

Absentee Ballot:

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I vote, I count.

You vote, you count.

We vote, we count.

#VoteHealth2020 at



Here are sample emails and email signatures that you can use to send out information and reminders to vote.

Sample Emails:

Inviting your organizations and/or networks to #VoteHealth2020 with you:

Dear __________________:

    I am writing you about an important issue that impacts our patients. The November 2020 election will be like no other: in the midst of a pandemic that requires social distancing, we must work hard to ensure that all voices are heard at the polls.

    As a [insert role], I believe that the outcomes of elections have a tremendous impact on the health of our patients and our communities. Therefore, I am supporting the efforts of a non-partisan movement, VoteHealth 2020 (, to get out the vote and to do so safely. 

    I would like our organization to support these efforts because [insert reasons why you personally believe this is important].

    Here are a few ways that we, as an organization, can help to VoteHealth in 2020. [insert suggested actions]. Can we count on your leadership and support?

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Inviting your colleagues and/or networks to #VoteHealth2020 with you:

Dear __________________:

    I write today to invite you to join me - and VoteHealth in 2020. As a [insert role], I am concerned about the ability of our staff and the communities we serve to vote - and vote safely - this November, amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    As a [insert role] and an American, I believe that the outcomes of elections have a tremendous impact on our collective health, no matter the party in power. 

    As a colleague and a concerned citizen, I support the non-partisan movement VoteHealth 2020 ( - whose efforts solely center on the right to vote - and vote safely - in November. 

    Please take a moment to check out the pledge to VoteHealth in 2020. I am excited to discuss the movement, and the work ahead, with you.

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A Newsletter for Patients and/or Staff:

Dear __________________:

    We know that this year is unlike any other election year as the COVID- 19 pandemic requires us to make changes in almost every aspect of our lives. At [insert name of organization] we want to be sure that all our staff, patients, and community members are able to participate in this vital part of our democracy, and to do so safely.


    Please remember to register to vote and consider how
you can best vote safely in 2020. You can register via or request an absentee ballot at

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Let’s VoteHealth together in 2020. Go to to register or to request an absentee ballot.

I’ve taken the pledge to VoteHealth in 2020. Have you?
Join me by registering to vote here: 

We are committed to helping our staff, patients, and communities vote safely in 2020. Please remember to register to vote at and/or request an absentee ballot at



 are slides you can use for relevant presentations.

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Flyers and Stickers

Flyers are printable on 8.5" x 11" paper. Flyers can also be , and are available in multiple languages.

Sticker paper is available via , and can be printed using both laser and ink jet printers. Stickers can also be .


Click here to download the flyer



Website Banners

Website banners can help promote voter registration and a safe voting plan on your organization's website.

Access our full set .

Vote Website Banner.png

Legal Guide

We often get questions around the legality of pushing for voter engagement within healthcare spaces. Please check out this one pager and the included links to see all the laws that support using healthcare centers to push voter engagement!

Legal Resources can also be .



Toolkits can be used by those taking action to increase voter turnout.

For Health Professionals taking action in their clinics

Click here to download

the toolkit

For individuals
taking action

Click here to download

the toolkit


Safe Voting Plan

During the COVID-19 pandemic,  it is important to stay safe. For those voting in person, please check out our safe voting flyer.

VoteHealth 2020 Safe Voting Plan (1).png